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How to add a floor display in a CAVE

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  • How to add a floor display in a CAVE

    Hi, I recently asked how to add a floor display in a CAVE and you suggest me the following steps:
    • In the CaveExample scene, you just select the RUIS->DisplayManager gameObject, and click the "Add Display" button.
    • Then select the newly added display gameObject (parented under DisplayManager), set it as "Head Tracked CAVE Display", and set the "Display Normal Vector" as (0,1,0), and set the "Display Center Position" according to your tracking system setup.
    Those steps are simple but I still have to link a camera to the new display.
    In the Cave exemple, I can see 3 gameObject called Camera (Front, left and right) and under each of those, there is 3 camera (CenterCamera, LeftCamera, RightCamera).
    Do I need to add something about a floor camera?

    Hope my question is clear, i'm a VERY beginner with RUIS, Unity AND english writing :S

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    Hi Sara,

    Yes, you need another RUISCamera that is linked to the new floor display. You should duplicate one of the existing camera gameObjects (for example, "Right"-gameObject): right-click the existing gameObject in the Hierarchy View, and choose "Duplicate". Then select the duplicated gameObject and rename it to "Floor" if you like. Then select the newly created RUISDisplay (default name: "NewDisplay"), and drag-and-drop the "Floor"-gameObject to its "Attached Camera" field. You can also drag-and-drop the "Head Tracker"-gameObject into the "CAVE Head Tracker" field.

    The "Head Tracker" gameObject's position should be received from your head tracking device when in Play Mode. In the CaveExample scene the "Head Tracker" gameObject has RUISTracker script, which you should replace with your own script that sets the gameObject's position. As long as it is not replaced, you can use i,j,k,l-keys of your keyboard to simulate head movement and tracking (this affects how the CAVE displays are rendered).

    I forgot to mention that you should also modify the "Display Up Vector" (it should never be parallel with the "Display Normal Vector") for the floor display: for example set the "Display Up Vector" to (0, 0, 1). This depends on the orientation of the projector/display in your lab. Finally, you should also change the display Resolution X/Y in the RUISDisplay component of each display gameObject, so that their resolutions match that of your projectors.